Over the last 15+ years, our team has been involved in numerous projects both on and off the King’s Daughters Ashland Campus.  The Heart and Vascular Center (HVC)  is a synthesis of these efforts.  Since it’s completion in 2004, the HVC has become one of the more recognizable buildings in the region and serves as the identity of the Hospital.  This building is expandable to 10 total floors.   During construction, all existing areas of the building remain  in operation along with adjacent facilities.

I want this building to look “High-Tech” but feel  “High-Touch.”   That was the challenge behind the design of the new Center for Advanced Imaging.  To achieve this unique design, the team looked at what processes were occurring inside the facility and how these could help shape the design.  Transparency, slicing and peering are all functions of the modalities housed inside.  Exposed structural and mechanical systems are visible as a way of peering inside the skin.  Currently built to 2 stories, the images below show the future 5 story building, complete with the “pulled open” offices cantilevered on the front.

Services: Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design, Site, Landscaping


Expertise:  Masterplanning, Surgery, Cardiology and Interventional Medicine, Radiology, Oncology, Patient  Access Points,  Inpatient Care, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Behavioral Health, Emergency Medicine, Observational Units,  Sleep Lab, Outpatient Care, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Dietary Urgent Care, Occupational Medicine, Physical Therapy, School of Radiology, Physical Therapy, Breast Center, Facility Support Services, Parking Garages, Wayfinding, Campus Beautification, Facility Assessment, Technology Integration


Size: 1,000,000+ SF