Kreps and Zachwieja performed a master planning services to include both the expansion and renovation of existing hospital facilities in 2006.  This Masterplan identified the first project to be a multi-phased construction of a new I.C.U. (completed April 2009), a new 18 bed Emergency Department, a new Hospital Lab, Outpatient Services, new Lobby and Main Entrance and expansion of the Obstetrics Unit.  Recently completed is a new 5 private bed addition to the Medical/Surgical Nursing Unit.  Currently slated for construction is the renovation of the existing PACU,  radiology and obstetrics departments.  Future phases planned propose a new 60 bed Replacement Nursing Home and campus improvement plans to include nature trails developed around  storm water management ponds.

Services: Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design, Site, Landscaping


Expertise:  Masterplanning, Surgery, Radiology,  Patient  Access Points,  Inpatient Care, Obstetrics, Emergency Medicine, Outpatient Care, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy,  Facility Support Services, Wayfinding, Campus Beautification


Size: 150,000+ SF